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Corso di Long single cycle degree (5 years) in Law - Varese
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Optional subjects
Second semester
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Lesson (35 hours)

Students are expected to have passed the examination of private law. Therefore, general prerequisites are knowledge of the basic private law and public law and a good use of the ordinary notions of elementary logic (deductive and inductive method).

The exam is oral and consists of an interview by the professor during which the student will be asked to demonstrate the learning of the concepts illustrated in lectures and the ability to orientate him/herself in the legal field in relation to the relevant topics. The student will be asked some questions, one of which is notional and two more practical. Overall, the oral exam lasts about 30 minutes.
The exam will also evaluate the ability of argumentation and analytical rigor on the topics covered by the course, as well as the ownership of language and communication skills.
Attending students, in place of the oral exam, may present a short written dissertation deepening one of the topics exposed in the lesson, which could then be the basis for a possible future degree thesis.

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The course aims to provide the basic knowledge of family law and human rights, in the light of recent legislative reforms and the pronouncements of merit and legitimacy jurisprudence that have largely redesigned the boundaries and institutions. The course is divided into a series of single-issue lectures whose topics are described below, with the aim of allowing learners who wish to be able to independently acquire a basic preliminary preparation in order to have a more profitable learning in place.
The expected learning outcomes are as follows:
- basic updated knowledge of family and personal rights, with reference to personal and property aspects;
- ability to interpret the facts, redevelop them in legal terms and find the tools to prepare the appropriate solution.

Attending lectures is strongly recommended, also because the alternation of teachers has been designed to provide students with a first approach to the problems that may arise to those who intend to carry out traditional professions (lawyer, magistrate, notary). Moreover, it is not at all mandatory and a good level of preparation can also be obtained by studying the manual and consulting the materials that will be gradually uploaded on the e-learning platform.
In order to allow each student to prepare for the lessons or to select the topics of greatest interest, the schedule of the lectures is made public in advance.

The reference manual is T. AULETTA, Il diritto di famiglia, Giappichelli Editore, last edition.
On the e-learning platform the didactic and normative materials used in the lessons will be made available.


The course includes 35 hours of lectures. Teaching is given by the course official professors, M. Dominique Feola and Donatella Montanari, who will invite qualified external experts and teachers on specific topics.

Prof. Feola receives students in the office in via Sant’Abbondio, 1st floor, according to the calendar shown on the notice board and on the Department's website. She can be contacted via e-mail at
Dr. Montanari will be available for students at the end of the lessons, at the teaching classroom.

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