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Corso di Long single cycle degree (5 years) in GIURISPRUDENZA VA
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Optional subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (35 hours)

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The examination in the end-of-course appeals is a mandatory oral exam, with open questions.
The students could participate to an optional written exam. The students that will pass the optional exam, in the end-of-course appeals will be study the remaining part of the program.

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The course has for main objective to supply a panoramic one of the Latin epigraphs.
More in detail, the following objectives are pursued:
- acquaintance of the main connoting characters the latin epigraphic texts,
- understanding of the importance that the latin epigraphic texts cover for the best one acquaintance of the roman legal system,
- ability to critical analysis to latin epigraphic texts.

The course is carried out in the first semester, with an oral conclusive examination and an intermediate test written.
The course will be structured in two parts: a general part, dedicated to the explicitation of basic skills needed to undertake the epigraphic studies, and a Special Part time analysis of key documents stone having the character and content purely legal or otherwise of high relevance to survey on the Roman Law

The suggested textbook is:
P. Lepore, Introduzione allo studio dell’epigrafia giuridica latina, Milano, Giuffrè, 2010.
During the course sources and other documents will be put on the platform e-learning, in format power-point.


The course is offered on both sites of Como and Varese.
The didactic activity will be carried out through the development of frontal lessons (for a total number of 35 hours).

Office hours
Prof. Paolo Lepore will meet students on the basis of weekly calendar. Changes in office hours will be shown in the teacher's homepage.

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