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Corso di First cycle degree in Professional education
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (20 hours)

See the requirements for the whole IC.

Voto Finale

The aims are the same as for the whole integrated course (IC).

Educational virtues and skills. Definition of moral philosophy and applied ethics (educational ethics,biomedical ethics); bioethics at the beginning and end of life; counselling, education, psychotherapy and ethics; ethical issues in the research, in the educational/clinical practice (truth telling, confidentiality, consent and so on), in the public health care (justice, vaccination, organ transplantation, animal rights, and so on).

P.M. Cattorini, Bioetica.Metodo ed elementi di base per affrontare problemi clinici, Elsevier, Milano, 4th ed.2011; P.M. Cattorini, Bioetica e cinema, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2° ed. 2006; T.L. Beauchamp – J.F. Childress, Principles of Biomedical Ethics, Oxford Univ. Press, last edition; L. Mortari, La pratica dell'aver cura, Milano, Bruno Mondadori, 2006; S. Vegetti Finzi, Il romanzo della famiglia, Milano, Mondadori, 1992

By following the introductory exposition by the professor,
theories, principles, ways of reasoning, logical rules, linguistic ambiguities, and morally controversial educational cases (in a pluralistic setting) are presented. Relevant key words and issues will be debated in the classroom and interdisciplinary professional-educational dilemmas will be criticized and evaluated. Other articles and books will be quoted to deepen the topics.
Narrative texts, especially motion pictures, will involve the group in the emotional heart of complex cases, outline the social imaginary, help the expression of individual insights and feelings, prepare a mature staff decision.

Reception Hours: for more information and individual consultation or after class meeting in “Padiglione Antonini”, via Rossi 9, Varese, the student is invited to preliminarily contact the teacher at his email address (

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