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Corso di First cycle degree in Movement science
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (20 hours)

To attend the course it is necessary to have taken the general and social pedagogy exam

The exam will be oral and will focus on the entire course program

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Learn the main concept of Special Education To raise awareness of a holistic approach to the person with disabilities Understand the complexity that characterizes the taking into care of a person with disabilities Promote personal ability to get into the game and reflection Learn skills and analysis of educational experiences and processes of inclusion and integration involving difficult subjects in school settings and extra... Ability to work in team, Plan and manage project, Skills, methodological techniques in educational contexts inclusion and integration. Knowing how to use the necessary assessment tools Knowledge the main theories of special education materialized in the school environment and playful with particular attention to changes cognitive behavioural emotional that occur in the group and in the individual, at various stages of age, characterized by specific frameworks; deviance and marginality.

Special pedagogy: the main theoretical constructs
Processes of insertion and integration
Team work
How a project is drawn up
Techniques and methodologies in the contexts of insertion and integration
ASD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, ADHD,
Psycho-pedagogical method, general systems theory.

Discusses the main themes of
Special Education starting from the
historical notes. The principle of
educability Promoted routes :
insertion ,inclusion and integration
The interplay between education and
pedagogy. The relationship of care,
proximity to the evolution of the
processes of inclusion and
integration. Definitions: WHO and ICF, DSMV.
ADHD,DSA and Autistic spectrum disorder  The multidisciplinary teamwork: the complexity of the interventions to be implemented coordination and roles of staff involved in various capacities. PEI : by certification to the drafting of individual program by the transition from an integration designed to shake developed methodologies such as planning and implementation interventions aimed at social and school integration activities through laboratory activities in the classroom

Vianello (2005), Difficoltà di apprendimento situazioni di Handicap,Integrazione Ed. Junior
Pastori. (2010), Nello sguardo dell’altro Guerrini Scientifica.
Soresi S; Nota L,(2001) La Facilitazione dell’integrazione scolastica erip editrice
Teacher’s Slides

Frontal lessons in DAD.
guided project activity

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MAIL: valeria.nieddu@uninsubria.it