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Corso di First cycle degree in Movement science
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (28 hours)

Passing the Physiology examination

Final written exam with multiple choice questions

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The course of medical pathophysiology aims to provide basic knowledge of the pathophysiology of the main organs and systems except the heart and the respiratory system.

Atherosclerosis and major clinical manifestations
Lipoproteins and fat absorption
Liver physiopathology
Physiopathology of the Kidney
The fever
Doping complications

Atherosclerosis and main clinical manifestations:
1) atherosclerotic plaque and atheroembolic mechanism.
2) dilatation and stenotic manifestation of the pathology
3) poblether arteriopathy of the lower limbs and main manifestations
Lipoproteins and fat absorption
1) oxidative mechanism
2) oxidized LDL
3) lipid metabolism and sports activity
Hepatic physiopathology:
1) hepatocyte and physiological architecture of the hepatic lobule
2) main liver damage
3) acute and chronic hepatitis clinical manifestations

Physiopathology of kidney IRA and IRC:
1) IRA pre, post and renal
2) IRC clinical manifestations

1) thrombosis and hemorrhage
congenital haemostasis of haemostasis
2) DVT and TVS of the lower limbs clinical manifestations diagnosis and therapy

The fever:
1) physiopathology of the thermoregulatory center
2) clinical manifestations and their meaning
3) medical therapy
the main complications in organs and systems

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Harrison-Principi di Medicina Interna; A:S: Fauci, E. Braunwald, D.L. Kasper, S.L. Hauser, D.L. Longo, J.L. Jameson, J. Lo scalzo; ed. McGraw-Hill

Frontal lessons, with the help of texts, diagrams, a rich illustrative apparatus and practical examples; students will be guided to the understandign of the different pathological processes. If required by the student, the teacher can spend the first part of each lesson to clarify topics discussed previously.

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