Degree course: 
Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (8 hours), Seminar (4 hours)

The student, to access the course, must have knowledge and skills acquired in previous teachings, concerning human anatomy, physiology, general pathology, immunology, microbiology.

Final test will consist in an oral interview that will focus on open questions on the topics covered in class.
The evaluation will take into consideration:
- detail, precision and significance in the theoretical contents acquired
- ability to present, argue and synthesize the leaned concepts with an appropriate language
- relevance and correctness
The personal re-elaboration of the learned contents and the ability to apply them to practical contexts will constitute a criterion of merit

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The teaching activity aims to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to understand diseases of the blood and lymphatic system.
At the end of the course the student will be able to
- Describe the main histopathological pictures of lymph node diseases
- Describe the classification principles of lymphoproliferative disorders and the morphological and molecular aspects of the most relevant entities
- Describe the morphological pictures of myeloid neoplasms
- Understand the indications for biopsy procedures of blood and lymphatic tissues
- Interpret the reports of the haemoplinfopathological tests

The course will consist of the following topics:
- Non-specific and specific reactive pictures in the lymph nodes
- Classification of lymphoproliferative diseases
- B-cell, T-cell lymphomas, Hodgkin's lymphomas
- Evaluation of bone marrow biopsies
- Myeloid neoplasms and neoplastic pathology of the bone marrow

- Non-specific reactive pictures in the lymph node
- Specific lymphadenopathies (Castlemann's disease, Rosai Dorfmann's disease, Kikuchi's disease)
- Lymphadenitis (bacterial, viral, protozoal, immunological)
- Classification of lymphoproliferative diseases
- Non-Hodgkin B and T lymphomas
- Hodgkin's lymphomas
- Evaluation of the bone marrow biopsy
_ Myeloproliferative neoplasms
_ Myelodysplastic syndromes
- Myelodysplastic / myeloproliferative neoplasms
- Acute myeloid leukemias
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The teaching is proposed through lectures conducted by the teacher with the use of support materials (slides, example models, documents, bibliographic materials ...).
Students are required to systematically proceed with the independent study of the provided material, prepare the activities to be carried out in the classroom (if needed), and actively participate in the proposed discussions.
Students are always invited to contact the teacher in case of need for further information or clarification.

The teacher is available at this email address: silvia.uccella@uninsubria.it


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