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Corso di Long single cycle degree (5 years) in GIURISPRUDENZA
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Supplementary compulsory subjects
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Como - Sant'Abbondio
Second semester
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knowledge of administrative law and of the rules on civil procedure.

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Voto Finale

the course aims to examine, in depth and critical, the system of the judicial protection afforded by ordering private citizens affected by the acts and conduct of the public administration.
The administrative justice is a complex system of judicial protection and guarantees for citizens entrusted to the cognition of a Special Court and special procedural system.

The course will move from the systematic analysis of the new code of the administrative process, which came into force in 2010 and has been revised and corrected by recent legislative acts, in order to reconstruct the characters, structure and conduct of the administrative process in each of its components, up to the judgment Of second degree, always in front of a special judiciary.
In the process of reconstruction of the new administrative process, it will be noted that the system of administrative justice has undergone profound innovations in recent years in terms of opening up protection and enhancing the tools placed for the benefit of the individual in defense of their subjective situation, Unlawful exercise or the illicit behavior of public authorities.
On the one hand, the new configuration of the legitimate interest as a potentially compensable subjective situation in the event of injury by the Administration, on the other hand, the lengthy integration and completion of the rules of administrative justice, which led to codification of the process Even in the light of the new constitutional precepts of the right process, today allow the administrative process to reduce distances, in terms of guarantee and protection, compared to ordinary jurisdictions.
The analysis of the administrative process codified by the recent legislation in 2010 will have the necessary starting point for examining codification rules and as an indispensable interpretative key the examination of administrative case law has often had a propulsive role for the legislator-coder.

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F.G. Scoca (a cura di), Giustizia amministrativa, Torino, Giappichelli, ultima edizione.

The lessons will be conducted according to the traditional method of frontal lessons and by reading judgments of fundamental importance for administrative justice

student reception Wednesday 1030



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