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Corso di Second cycle degree in ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND BUSINESS LAW
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Supplementary compulsory subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (40 hours)

For a useful learning of subject matter is appropriate knowledge of the basics of private law, with particular reference to the obligations, the business law and the rights protection.
Prerequisites are not foreseen.

Final Examination: 

Oral examination.
The vote is expressed in thirtieths.The exam will be considered passed with a minimum grade of 18/30.The commission reserves the right to award a first-class honour's degree (30 cum laude) in response to comprehensive answers and characterized by a personal elaboration.

Voto Finale

The aim of this course is to teach students the principles of insolvency law, with particular reference to bankruptcy proceeding.

Course lectures, after a general premise on the crisis of the firm and on juridical instuments for the agreed solution of insolvency, will focus mainly on the study and illustration of bankruptcy. In particular, the following points will be developed:
• outlines of the so called minor proceedings (composition before bankruptcy; compulsory winding up; extraordinary administration for big businesses);
• bankruptcy proceeding; eligibility;
• commencement of the case;
• the trustee and the bankruptcy court;
• debtor, creditors, avoiding powers of the trustee, executory contracts;
• proof and allowance of claims;
• distribution from the estate;
• winding up of companies;
• discharge.

Alessandro Nigro - Daniele Vattermoli, Diritto della crisi delle imprese, 4a ed., il Mulino, Bologna, 2017, with the exception of chapters from 17th to 24th
Having regard to the possible introduction of a new code (see the enabling act 55/2017), it is essential to consult the texts of law updated.
The e-learning platform is used to share teaching materials.


In class lectures. Classroom lessons allow a direct interaction with the students present, who can be solicited to intervene in the course of the explanation, to ask for clarifications or to verify the level of understanding of the topics.
During the course will be given practical exercises with the aim to illustrate some relevant acts of bankruptcy proceedings.
The exercises will be held by subject matter experts.

Through practical exercises will provide the tools necessary for the application of the institutes, giving specific relevance to the role of the trustee and enforcement of the acts and formalities connected therewith.

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