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Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (20 hours)

The student should have a scientific background in statistics, research methodology, including knowledge of evidence-based medicine.

The exam consists of an oral examination. The objective of the examination is to verify the level of achievement of the previously indicated educational objectives, evaluating the level of knowledge and in-depth study of the topics addressed.
In particular, it will be evaluated the knowledge of the topics, the comprehension / discussion skills of the topics connected to it and the mastery of the scientific language proper to the field of reference and the clarity of expression. The vote is expressed in thirtieths (single vote of the integrated course Medicine and Public Health).

Voto Finale

The course aims to provide the student with:
• The main knowledge on the determinants and the main risk factors that influence health, disease and the interaction between the human being and his physical and social environment, with attention to sex / gender differences;
• The essential notions on epidemiology for public health, health determinants, prevention of infectious and chronic-degenerative diseases, environmental and food hygiene, hospital hygiene.
• The essential notions related to epidemiology, health economics and the principles of health management and the habit of constantly updating knowledge and technical skills;
• The notions for correctly using, in health decisions, local, regional and national surveillance data, demographic and epidemiological data;
• The essential notions on the generalities of health systems, on the planning, organization and management of care processes in hospitals and territories, on health economics, recognizing the different roles and the relative responsibilities of the other professional figures that are part of the health personnel, participating in the provision of care to individuals, populations and communities;
• The bases for developing a scientific methodological approach, using the logics and tools of hygiene and public health, to actively participate in the planning and implementation of prevention interventions on the population and in the territory, promoting health and avoiding the disease;

INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC HEALTH: concept of health; current epidemiological background and classification of diseases; concept of risk; indicators, exposure-effect, determinants of health and illness;

PART I. Epidemiology and prevention of communicable diseases
1. Population Hygiene: risk factors; source and reservoir of infection, portal of entry and exit, mode of transmission; primary prevention, vaccines, disinfection and sterilization
2. Hospital hygiene: prevention of healthcare-associated infections; hand washing, gloves, instruments management, environmental controls, water, healthcare waste management
3. Epidemiology and prevention of COVI 19

PARTE II. Epidemiology and prevention of non-communicable diseases
1. Primary (health promotion and education) and tertiary prevention (health education, rehabilitation): risk factors and specific interventions (smoking habits, alcohol abuse, nutrition, physical activity, socioeconomic factors, psychological factors)
2. Secondary prevention: screenings (criteria, examples, evaluation)

1. Healthcare system: clinical management; quality and risk management, errors in healthcare practice, evidence-based practice.
2. Organization of Health services: Clinical governance, application to different contexts

IGIENE - Medicina Preventiva Sanità Pubblica – II edizione. W. Ricciardi, ed. Idelson Casa Editrice, 2013.

Epidemiologia e Management in Sanità – Elementi di metodologia, II edizione 2015. Manzoli L, Villari P, Boccia A. Edi-ermes

Lessons with slides projection, examples and exercises

Copies of slides presented in classes are available on e-learning. The teacher is available for students on Tuesdays from 14:00 to 16:00, by appointment or via skype on Friday from 14.00 to 16.00.
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