Degree course: 
Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 

advanced knowledge of biology, chemistry, acquired during the first academic year. The examen of histology is propedeutic to the anatomy examen

Final Examination: 

Oral examen: students will be evaluated by two professors about all the program of Anatomy 1 and Anatomy 2. During the examen the student will be able to describe the microscopical anatomical specimen and to make organ diagnosis; the student will be also able to describe the structure of a bone. I

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Learning the structural organization of the human body from the macroscopical to the microscopical point of view with their anatomical-clinical applications. Recognize the morphological characteristics of systems, organs, tissues, cells and subcellular structures of human organism.

Clinical Anatomy
Cardiovascular system
Lymphatic system
Respiratory system
Digestive apparatus
Urinary system
Male and female reproductive system
Endocrine system
Tegumentary system
Peripheral nervous system:
Ganglia: definition and types. Cranial nerves: definition, organization, origin, course and ramifications. Spinal nerves: origin, course, ramifications, plexuses. Autonomic nervous system

Topographical Anatomy
Topographical detailed study, using the sistematic anatomy acquired during the course, of some body region.

Microscopical Anatomy
Microscopical and functional structure of digestive, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, limphatic, nervous, endocrin, cardiocirculatory, tegumentary systems.

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lectures; microscopical anatomical practice in order to improve the organ diagnosis

Office hours should be planed by e-mail