Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in Physiotherapy
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Various educational activities
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (50 hours)

Basic skills in PC usage, generic search engines, and basic knowledge of English (read / write) are required.

Final Examination: 

There is only the final exam that will be evaluated through small group work about analyzing a scientific article on the subject matter and relative exposure of each candidate.

Giudizio Finale

The course aims to illustrate Evidence Based Medicine, in particular by expanding the Clinical Query and the Anatomy of Research, starting at the historical point of view, to reach the specific area of Evidence Based Physiotherapy (EBPh); a vast space will be given to direct student simulations for active research on major database (PubMed, PEDro and Cochrane DB).
At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to:
- define the EBM term to illustrate the historical path
- formulate a P.I.C.O. and define types of research and studies
- simulate the correct search path for DB PubMed, PEDro and Cochrane

The acquisition of the various expected knowledge and skills will develop in parallel throughout the course, where the following topics will be addressed:
- Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) _Cennial history of clinical research in the world and in Italy with a brief introduction to the training course and the educational goals of the course (5h)
- Clinical Query and Anatomy of Research: Explanation of P.I.C.O. and simulations of clinical questions by the student; illustration of study design typologies (8h)
- Evidence Based Physiotherapy (EBPh): History and Basics of EBP Practice in Physiotherapy
- Research method pills: GIMBE path illustration and basic definitions of types of research and studies (4h)
- PubMed, PEDro and Cochrane DB: Database and database simulation of PC research by the student (8h)

The lesson slides will be available electronically to the mail of the class representative from the end of the lessons.
- EBM and research methodology for health professions. Giovanni Pomponio - Aldo Calosso. Scientific Issues, 2005


The course objectives will be achieved through frontal lessons and more 25-hour computerbased research simulations, where critical analysis of short scientific texts will also be available.

Receiving students by previous appointment, by e-mail (, at the Health Professions Department - Orthopedic Center of Quadrante, Omegna (VB)