Degree course: 
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 

There are no constraining prerequisites for this course. The comprehension of the course requires basic knowledge on anatomy, organ physiology, biochemistry and general pathology (all these subjects have been studied during the first year of the degree course).

Final Examination: 

Achievement of the teaching goals will be assessed by means of an oral examination of pharmacology and a written multiple choice test for General Anesthesiology and Clinical and Surgical Emergency. The oral and written tests aim to evaluate the degree of understanding of the contents covered by the course. Particular focus will be addressed to the knowledge of the main topics explained during the lessons and the ability of the student to apply such contents to different medical diseases as well as to emergency rescue care and resuscitation. Marks will be expressed in 30/30 and the examination is overcome when the student gets at least 18/30 in both the oral and written test. The final mark will consists in the average of the three single marks. The student fails if just in one of the two test gets a mark lower than 18/30 and the student can try the examination in the successive call.

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The integrated course of Anesthesiology and Pharmacology takes place during the first semester of the second year and includes the following teaching courses: General Anesthesiology, Clinical and Surgical Emergencies and Pharmacology. For the educational goals please see the form of each course.

Please refer to the programs described for each course:
Clinical and Surgical Emergencies
General and Clinical Pharmacology

Please refer to the relevant form of each course

Frontal lessons with slides. During the lessons students will be invited to interact with the teaching professor. This latter will present clinical cases that point to the relevance and applicability of the topic which is under discussion. Students must attend lessons according to the normative of the academic course that they are attending and must sign the presence form to attend the final examination. Professors allow the student to download the presentations on the e-learning platform of the Athenaeum

Reception hours :
by appointment, to be agreed via e-mail , or directly, at the end of each lesson.