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Corso di First cycle degree in Movement science
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Academic year in which the course will be held: 
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Anatomy, Fhysiology,TDM 1

Final Examination: 

Pretest 10 multiple-choise questions. Test 80 multiple-choise questions. Oral exam optional.

Voto Finale

To develop the ability to adapt and elaborate upon the methodology and didactics of different phases of human life related to the phychophysical conditions of the subject in order to organise lectures to meet different demands

Biological and psychosocial aspects of aging. Elderly and movement : objectives psychosocial, psychomotor and physiological .Operational proposals
* Perception of old age.
* What it means to get older
* How to clasify old age
* Why do we become old: theory of ageing
* Why is it necessary to stay physically active during old age
* Why ageing modifies functions of the main organs and physiological systems: the ears - the sound and equilibrium organ, the eyes – the main external receptor, the skin and other organs- the proprioreceptors, the nervous system, the muscular system, the osteoarticular system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the digestive and urinary system, the endocrine system.
* Methodological and didactical information refering to all the mentioned systems and also to relative motor
* Modifications induced by motor activities during the ageing process.
* Intensity of proposed activities.
* Indications and contraindications of the movement
* The teacher and his/her educative relationship with old people
* Short accounts about psychological conditions and behaviour of old people
* Didactical objectives regarding physiological, psychomotor and psychosocial problematics
* The set-out of lectures and work plan
* Analysis of the work environment and available equipment
* Examples of monothematic lessons with role-play: relaxation, proprioception and the contact – education regarding the correct posture, respiratory coordination and equilibrium – mobility and muscle elongation – muscle reinforcement – a game.
* Suggestion of the complete lesson

Muoversi per non subire il tempo
K.Francesconi-G.Gandini edizione Edi-Ermes

L'intelligenza nel movimento
K. Francesconi G. Gandini Edi-Ermes

12 hours of traditional lessons, 16 hours of practise session and training