Animal biology

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Corso di First cycle degree in BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
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Cognomi A-L
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
First Semester
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No specific scientific or biological knowledge is required beyond those provided by any high school.

Final Examination: 

Written exam consisting of both multiple-answer questions (quiz) and questions with clear answers on the topics covered during the course. The written exam is structured allowing to check the acquisition of various information about the discipline and to assess the correct scientific language. The student must demonstrate knowledge of the topics covered during the course describing the various animal forms from the standpoint of structural, functional and systematic. The test is deemed passed with a vote of at least 18/30.

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The main purpose of the course is to provide the student with in-depth knowledge of the organization and basic functions of animal organisms. Particular attention will be given to the evolutionary processes and to the major adaptations in different taxa. At the end of the course, the student will be able to identify an animal organism at least at phylum and class level, and to correlate the organizational plan to adaptive and evolutionary aspects.

1. Axes and planes of symmetry
2. The animal and the environment
2. Power supply
3. Distribution equipment
4. Excretion
5. Breathing
6. Locomotion
7. The nervous system and sense organs
8. Playback
9. Embryonic development, celoma formation, metamorphosis, and organogenesis.

Part 2: THE EVOLUTION OF ANIMAL DIVERSITY. Organization, morphology, physiology and classification of the following Phyla:
1. Protozoa
2. Placozoa, brief notes and hypothesis about the transition to pluricellularity
3. Poriferi
4. Cnidarians
5. Flatworms
6. Nematodes and Rotifers
7. Anellids
8. Mollusks
9. Arthropods
10. Echinodermi
11. Chordates
12. Vertebrates: major morphological and taxonomic features

• Zoologia - L.G. Mitchel ZANICHELLI ED.
• Zoologia - C. Hickman ZANICHELLI ED.
• Zoologia Sistematica- W. WESTHEIDE, R. RIEGER-ZANICHELLI
• D. Sadava et al.,-La Biologia degli animali” volume 5 estratto da BIOLOGIA, ZANICHELLI ED.

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