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Corso di Second cycle degree in ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND BUSINESS LAW
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Supplementary compulsory subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (40 hours)

Knowledge of Private Law and Commercial Law

Final Examination: 

Students are asked questions during their lessons to check their level of learning and the ability to make connections between different institutes. The exam is oral

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The aim of the teaching is to learn about the so-called enterprise crisis, with specific reference to competition procedures and appeals for the restructuring of debts alternative to bankruptcy; During the lessons you will talk about practical cases and will study the solutions that the law provides. The students are required to know the bankruptcy law and the ability to operate the links between the various institutes provided for by the law, also in order to set the resolution of practical cases.

The course deals with the description of the competition law in light of the latest changes. The topics covered are:
- Substantive and objective assumptions of the competition procedures
- The proceedings cause the bankruptcy, the bankruptcy statement, to be appealed
- The bodies of the procedure
- The redundancy and the consistency of the procedure
- Verification of claims and appeals; the graduation of credits
- The bankruptcy revocation
- Pending contracts
- Temporary exercise, company lease and liquidation plan
- Notes on the breakdown criteria and the closure of bankruptcy
- The bankruptcy agreement
- The prior agreement in the light of the latest reforms; the agreed upon booking, the agreed upon in continuity
- Debt restructuring agreements

It is imperative to have an updated bankruptcy law, which can be found at the foot of any Civil Code published in 2017.
It is also necessary to have a Civil Code up to 2017.


Frontal lesson also characterized by the questioning of practical cases to be solved together with the students; preparation by the students of the procedures and control by the teacher.

As a rule, the hour before the beginning of the lesson

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