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Corso di First cycle degree in CHIMICA E CHIMICA INDUSTRIALE
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Basic compulsory subjects
Second semester
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Lesson (48 hours)

Basic knowledge of analysis and trigonometry.

Final Examination: 

Two partial tests during the course and an oral exam.
Other written tests in July, September, November, January or February.
Written tests take place on the Connect platform and consist of 15 exercises each of which is worth 2 points. You are admitted to the oral exam if you get a total score greater than or equal to 16.

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Provide basic knowledge of classical point mechanics and thermodynamics

Principles of Mechanics. Rectilinear motion. Motion in the presence of: i) constant force, ii) position-dependent force, iii) force proportional to speed. Free fall. Harmonic oscillations. Projectile motion. Uniform circular motion. Collisions. Kepler's Laws. The hydrogen atom. The pendulum. Free, forced and damped oscillations. Coupled Oscillators.
Second part: Thermodynamics (32 hours)
Temperature and heat. Principles of thermodynamics. Kinetic gas theory.

Chemistry students do only the first part of the course, in fact for them the course is worth 6 credits. Mathematics students complete the program and for them the course is worth 10 credits.

Material provided through the e-learning platform and a text of general physics such as Gettys, "Physics I," Mc-Graw Hill, or S. Focardi, I. Massa, A. Uguzzoni, M.Villa, "General Physics - Mechanical and thermodynamics", Casa Editrice Ambrosiana.

Front lectures (80h).
The exercises are done with the help of Mc-Graw Hill's platform Connect.

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