Academyc Year 2017/2018
First cycle degree in Physics

L-30 - Class Of First Degrees In Physical Science And Technology
Place of teaching: Como - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Coordinator - President: PREST MICHELA

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Il corso prepara alla professione di (codifiche ISTAT): testo - inglese: 
  • Fisici -
  • Tecnici fisici e nucleari -
Making Judgements: 

Acquisition of conscious independent judgment with respect to:

• Evaluation and interpretation of the experimental data obtained in the laboratory;

• Teaching evaluation;

• Ability to self-assessment through written tests are non-selective;

• Ability to reflect on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.

One of the main goals of the laboratory courses is to educate students to the evaluation and interpretation of experimental data. The teaching evaluation is carried out by students in completing the questionnaires specially crafted. The assignment of writing assignments, and subsequent correction by the teacher, educate students to the assessment of the level of your skill. Teachers in individual courses discuss any social and ethical aspects.

Communication skills: 

Acquisition of adequate skills and tools for communication with reference to:

• Word processing systems for the preparation of the reports of laboratory courses;

• Presentation of results using modern techniques of multimedia presentation;

• Using networks and tools for communication with teachers and administrative structures

• Meetings hosted by the research facilities of the university.

The capacities quoted are acquired by all the activities planned by the educational path, and in particular through the preparation for the holding of seminars and the final examination, and by the final reports of laboratory processed in groups and discussed with the teacher. These activities are also the main means by which these skills are assessed.

Learning skills: 

Acquisition of adequate capacity for the development and deepening of additional skills, with reference to:

• Literature searches during the preparation of exams and the final presentation

• Using databases and electronic journals during the courses and during the final presentation

• Achieving an adequate level in the knowledge base that puts graduates in a position to consult advanced textbooks and journals in English

• Obtaining a basic preparation and autonomy of a study, enabling to undertake higher studies in Physics or in related fields.

All courses provided help to provide these capabilities, which are one of the most qualifying and recognized graduate in Physics.

The final examination for the degree in Physics is the preparation of an oral presentation on a general topic that will be assigned to the graduate ten days before the test. The presentation and related discussion will be incurred in front of a special commission.