n.1 departmental grant: “Dissecting serine metabolism in the brain.”(dbsv2019-adr005)

Responsible scientist Prof. Loredano Pollegioni
Application deadline: 
Monday, September 16, 2019 - 12:00
Call category: 
Departmental Research Grants
Published by: 
Dipartimento di biotecnologie e scienze della vita - DBSV

General information

Competition by qualifications announced for the assignment of n. 1 departmental grant for collaboration in research activities lasting 2 years for the Competition Sector 05/E2 – Biochimica generale e Biochimica clinica to the Department of Bio-tecnologies and Life Sciences.
Title of the research: “Dissecting serine metabolism in the brain.”

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Conpetition notice code : dbsv2019-adr005
Published in the Official Register on : Agoust 30, 2019
Published on the Ministry website on: Agoust 30, 2019

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