Times Higher Education: Insubria rises the rankings being among the 500 top universities in the world

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Thursday, September 2, 2021
World University Rankings Insubria

The University of Insubria rises the ranking of the best universities in the world published today, September 2nd, by the prestigious British magazine Times Higher Education. In the new World University Rankings 2022, Insubria changes range: it enters the 401-500 range, while in 2021 and 2020 (year of the first ranking) it was in the 501-600 range. A prestigious international comparison that was based on 1662 institutions from 99 countries, while last year there were 1526 institutions and 93 countries.

The national ranking is also excellent, with Bologna at the top: Insubria is fourteenth out of 51 Italian universities, while in the last edition it was 27th out of 49, and, as an example, it is in the same range as the University of Pisa and the University “Federico II” in Naples.

The evaluation methods are always the same: teaching, research, number of citations, internationalization and knowledge transfer. Insubria still improves its values, with a remarkable result especially for the impact of scientific citations, whose score rises from 74.9 to 90.7, bringing the university to 128th position in the world rankings (last year it was 331st). The research score also increased, from 19.7 to 21.6, and internationalization, from 40.8 to 41.1.

Rector Angelo Tagliabue comments: "This result confirms the excellent work we are doing. The impact of Insubria's scientific citations and the research score give the idea of ​​the high contribution of knowledge that our university is able to bring to the international scientific community. Thanks to choices that focus on studies and research as the key of each and any of our activities".


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