Lugano Consul General Gabriele Meucci participates in Insubria's Erasmus Day

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Console Lugano con Zamperetti e Rettore

More than 200 students - in attendance and distance learning - attended the informational meeting on the many international mobility opportunities offered by the University of Insubria, study and internship, organized by Professor Giorgio Zamperetti, Rector's Delegate for Internationalization.

Special guest of this edition Gabriele Meucci, Consul General of Italy in Lugano, who met with Rector Angelo Tagliabue before the event.

The meeting opened with a performance of the European anthem: "United in diversity, these are the words of the anthem," Professor Zamperetti explained. "Today's meeting was born to overcome qualms, doubts and fears in going to a foreign country. To date many people graduate, it is essential to get involved to enrich their personal and work experience with an experience abroad."

Insubria, which encourages mobility with financial aid that is among the highest in Italy, thanks to the introduction of the new Top up supplementary grant, is now home to 159 students from abroad, while there are 350 students from the university who have joined the Erasmus+ Study and Traineeship and Double Degree calls.

This year's call for applications is enriched by offering about 1100 places at 250 universities in 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Republic of Macedonia, United Kingdom, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

"Erasmus is a phenomenon that I have seen grow rapidly in Europe" – Consul Gabriele Meucci explained to the students - "I invite you to leave to acquire the tools to understand the reality around you, improving the ability to communicate between human beings. Erasmus allows you to experience the country, its social, political and economic reality."

Also present at the meeting was Maria Postiglione from the training area of Confindustria Varese, who highlighted the fundamental importance of the globalization aspect in companies. Erasmus plays an important function in the employment sphere: in fact, an experience abroad makes it more attractive to apply for a job, compared to those who have never had such an experience.

Valuable testimonials from former Erasmus students urging them not to be afraid to leave and fear that this experience may be a waste of time: "It is not just an academic experience, it is a life experience that allows you to relate to the locals, a cross-cultural experience that helps you get out of your comfort zone."

Also present were Esn Insubria Association students with President Matilda Mason, who invited students to clear any doubts related to departure.

"We have agreements with almost all European countries, and lots of vacancies," explained Luca Gallo of the university's Office of International Relations. "Selections are made at the departmental level. I recommend all those interested to apply quickly and enthusiastically to the call for applications."

​→ Erasmus+ Studio/Traineeship - A.A. 2023-2024

→ ​Double Degree - A.A. 2023-2024

(Pictured, from left: Professor Giorgio Maria Zamperetti, Consul General of Italy in Lucano Gabriele Meucci, Magnifico Rector Professor Angelo Tagliabue)




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