Erasmus day: 434 male and female students took part in the distance learning morning organised by University of Insubria

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Friday, February 25, 2022
Giorgio Zamperetti François Revardeaux

The meeting was led by Professor Giorgio Zamperetti, the Rector's delegate for internationalisation, who conveyed an invitation to mobility, to get out of one's comfort zone and broaden transversal skills that allow adaptation towards working life; Almalaurea shows that those who have been on Erasmus have a 40% greater chance of finding a job suited to their skills.  

At present Insubria, which facilitates mobility through financial aid, among the highest in Italy, hosts 117 students from abroad, while 339 of its students have flown to gain experience in other European universities, with Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Poland among the preferred destinations. The new announcement with all the details will be published from 1st to 28th March on the website, with notices on its official social channels and, in particular, on the new on Instagram.

This morning's special guest was François Revardeaux, General Consul of France in Milan, who began by expressing his solidarity with the war in Ukraine, with a special thought for the many young people involved. The consul then recounted his personal experience: his decision to go abroad, the fear of leaving family and friends rewarded by a broad cultural background that enabled him to pursue a diplomatic career.

In reply to a student, Revardeaux spoke about the European Union: "It is a construction, a chain, what we do is to develop a feeling of belonging to create a European culture understood as links, at least from the viewpoint of Universities, an academy that brings together all sectors."

The first student testimony was from Environmental Sciences' Massimiliano Riva, on an Erasmus course in Spain: "Erasmus gives rise to the continuous desire to accept new challenges, wanting to give more from an international perspective, to know and expand one's horizons. Erasmus is like a pair of glasses that allows you to discover the world, without any fears."

Andrea Spagnuolo, a Geem Insubria graduate with two Erasmus experiences, is pursuing a brilliant career at Adecco: "In Italy we are in a hurry to be done on time, but it is instead essential to enrich one's curriculum with experiences abroad, which make the company assume that they are dealing with a person who knows how to manage different issues, as well as having a theoretical background. A degree with very high grades, but without this kind of experience will allow you to find a standard job, but not to excel in your true expertise. The most difficult and beautiful part is to interface with different cultures, we do not live in a closed world, everyone has different points of view, of speaking, thinking: Erasmus helps to refine one's mental flexibility."

Roberta Parrella studies Linguistic Mediation in Como and is on Erasmus in Stockholm, Sweden: "The fear of leaving went away after two days, the only issue is coming back. University abroad is structured differently, the amount of work is great and requires proactivity. There is nothing to lose, only to gain. Sweden is one of the few countries that allows you to study Chinese."

Also present were the youths from Esn Insubria association with its president Matilda Mason, who is in Romania for her second Erasmus: "A university experience that allows you to experiment with teaching methods that are different from the Italian ones, which allow you to improve your skills."

We have agreements with almost all European countries, many places are available," explained Luca Gallo from International Relations Office of the University. "Selections are made at departmental level. I recommend that all those interested apply quickly and enthusiastically for the competition, which opens on 1st March."

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