Erasmus call 2022: 528 students applied for international mobility, the ranking list will be published on april 5th

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Monday, April 4, 2022
Erasmus Day 25 febbraio 2022

The 2022/23 Erasmus call for proposal closed on March 28th. 528 students have submitted an application to take part to a mobility experience financed with University’s grants of up to 700 euros. The figure is in line with the 2021/22 call, when 527 applications were presented. Compared to the previous year, however, there has been a strong increase in mobility applications for Erasmus Traineeship programs (63 against 42) and for Double Degree Program (53 against 39).

“After the great improvement of the last three years, the consolidation of student mobility demand appears comforting - comments Professor Giorgio Zamperetti, Rector's delegate for Internationalization -. The outbreak of a difficult conflict on European soil coinciding with the opening of the call, as well as the still very present pandemic phenomenon, gave rise to fear for a possible opposition to applications to the Erasmus Program linked to the uncertainty of the geopolitical and health situation. Our students, instead, have shown that their minds and hearts are fearlessly oriented towards wanting to make important experiences such as Erasmus, which nowadays is practically essential in order to access to successful careers after graduation and for find jobs more quickly “.

The new phase of elaboration of the ranking will begin shortly and the eligible candidates will be asked to confirm their availability to leave for the assigned location. Successively, a second phase will open: those who, although suitable, were left without a post due to overbooking on the locations they had indicated will be offered a new destination.

“I once again encourage candidates not to fixate on wanting to go to a certain destination, perhaps more famous and therefore more “popular “in preferences: this is because on the one hand the best Erasmus experiences are those that are spent studying in medium-small universities located in human-sized centers, on the other hand Erasmus is an adventure that enriches you with many soft skills regardless of where it is carried out. Those who decide to not leave because they have not been assigned to -so to speak - Paris or Barcelona would make a serious mistake”.

This year the available positions are 967 overall: there is therefore the possibility that all suitable candidates (normally the large majority of those who apply) will have a chance to leave for an Erasmus experience by expressing their approval for the university assigned to them according to the ranking that will be published on April 5th.

Last modified: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - 11:17