All lectures will start again on site, online lectures will be ensured as well: University directions until 30 September

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Dear students,

let's take another step towards normality together. The university's goal is to start again with all the teaching activities of the next academic year on site: lectures, exams, graduation sessions and proclamations, orientation and tutoring, labs. This, of course, in compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Ministry of University and Research, the regulations and provisions in force throughout the country for the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The general epidemiological situation, still uncertain, requires caution, a lot of attention and an almost daily evaluation, linked to the evolution of the pandemic. Therefore, new indications have been prepared for the conduct of teaching activities valid, at present, until September 30th 2021: lectures will start again on site, but distance learning is always ensured and will continue throughout the academic year 2021-2022.

What will happen after September 30th? Will the Green Pass be required for students? Our university will comply with the ministerial provisions that will be issued. In the event that, due to the health emergency, the national and regional authorities have the application of more restrictive measures, the current rules for the return will be promptly adapted.

I wish you all a peaceful summer and new positive energies for the restart of our university life.

The rector Angelo Tagliabue



  • Degrees from master's and single-cycle master's degree programs: onsite
  • Bachelor degrees onsite or online: the modality will be chosen by each course responsible, upon consultation with the concerned Department and considering the number of students.
  • In case of onsite sessions, graduates are divided into groups of five for each session and each one of them may have a maximum of five guests who must be accredited in advance.
  • At the end of the onsite session, no form of celebration will be allowed either inside the facility or in the outdoor spaces.
  • Graduates are responsible for their guests and for any behaviour breaking the provisions of the university.
  • All graduation sessions can be remotely attended by the family and friends via Microsoft Teams videoconference.


  • Lectures and exercises are delivered onsite and remotely through the Teams platform (see the information on Lectures delivered online: all the information).
  • In order to attend onsite activities, students must book through the Student Booking application (in Italian): onsite lectures will be bookable by students until exhaustion of all available places in the classroom.
  • In order to guarantee the attendance to lectures of all students of a specific cohort, appropriate daily or weekly shifts may be planned by the concerned Department.


To allow maximum onsite attendance and adequate organization, complying with safety regulations, it is essential that students behave responsibly in the management of reservations and during their presence in the university facilities.

  • Students booked for a lecture, whenever they are not be able to attend it, must promptly cancel their reservation to allow others to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • For access to the teaching facilities, students must wear a mask and comply with the procedures for tracking attendance.
  • During their presence in the classroom, students must wear a mask and occupy the same station for each lecture of the same day, minimizing internal movements within the facilities.
  • It is not possible to eat inside the classrooms.
  • During the break scheduled for sanitation (from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm) and at the end of the teaching activities, students must leave the teaching facilities in order to allow operators to ventilate the classrooms and carry out the sanitation operations in accordance with the provisions in force.


  • Traditional written tests and practical tests take place onsite, in compliance with the maximum number of classroom places, required by the Covid protocol.
  • Where the assigned classroom does not allow the simultaneous participation of all those enrolled in the exam session, the teacher divides the students into shifts.
  • The written tests carried out through the e-learning platform will take place exclusively online, complying with the Guidelines on Exams taken remotely.


  • Oral exams are performed onsite or remotely at the discretion of the teacher.
  • The chosen method will be communicated through institutional communication systems (eg Esse3, e-learning platform, syllabus).
  • For the oral exams onsite, students will be divided into shifts of a maximum of twenty each.
  • Students are not allowed to attend the exams as auditors. The teachers may, at their discretion, provide students with the opportunity to attend the remote exam: in this case the teacher will arrange the Teams conference.


  • With reference to the complexity of managing onsite exams, students are asked to behave responsibly: those who have registered for an exam session through Esse3 and decide not to participate, must cancel their reservation by the deadline of registrations.
  • Registrations for exam sessions must be closed five days before the scheduled date of the exam.
  • Anyone unable to participate in the exam, for reasons that arose after the registration deadline, must communicate it via email to the teacher exclusively via an institutional email address.
  • The university will evaluate the possibility of measures against students who, being registered in the exam, do not show up for the test without giving adequate communication.


Students who are unable to reach the University for justified and documented difficulties may ask to take the exams and graduation sessions remotely. Students entitled to take advantage of this possibility include:

  • Students residing outside Lombardy and those residing in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi, Mantua, Pavia, Sondrio. Students entitled to take advantage of this possibility also include all students who are abroad until September 30th on Erasmus mobility;
  • students with certified motor disabilities, even if temporary;
  • students unable to move due to restrictions placed by the competent authorities (eg red zone, orange zone, quarantine, fiduciary isolation).

Students wishing to request the exemption from attendance must apply for it from 18 to 28 August 2021, by filling out the appropriate online form (in Italian); the authorization issued will be valid until 30 September 2021. In case of emergencies after 28 August, prompt communication is requested in the same manner.
There are no exceptions in the case of situations other than those listed (for example appointments for vaccines or assistance to family members).


During your stay at the university it is mandatory to always maintain the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter, do not create groups, always wear a mask, wash your hands often with soap and water or sanitize your hands with a special disinfectant.
Students may access the teaching facility at the time set by the convocation. At the end of the test, all students must leave the classroom and exit the teaching facility.
Students must identify themselves at the University facilities by showing an ID: the concierge staff will carry out recognition and register the student's presence on site.
For all information, check the current information on: 


Students are required to regularly check their institutional mailbox, the web page of their course of study and the other pages of the website, displaying updated information from the didactic offices regarding exams, graduation sessions and lectures.

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  • On 23 April, the Minister of University and Research invited universities "to facilitate a rapid and extensive restart of onsite activities, in compliance with the safety and public health protection regulations, always balancing people's health safety with adequate and effective performance of the planned activities ".
  • Law Decree 22 April 2021 n. 52 on "Urgent measures for the gradual rescovery of economic and social activities in compliance with the need to contain the Covid-19 pandemic".
  • Guidelines of the Crul, Conference of Lombard University Rectors, recalling the regulatory principles and the need for an application that is always compliant with anti-Covid-19 safety regulations.
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