Global Entrepreneuship Economics and Management (GEEM)

Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years
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Academic Year 2022/2023

LM-77 - Management
Place of teaching: Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria

Curriculum: International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) – Coordinator Professor Alberto Onetti

Curriculum: Economics of innovation (EI) – Coordinator Professor Raffaello Seri

Admission requirements

Enrolment to the Master Degree Course GEEM is without a selecting entry test.

Students can apply on-line at the webpage of the Students Registrar Office (Segreteria studenti), according to the rules and administrative dead-lines

  • Students with an Italian BA belonging to the sections listed in the Manifesto degli Studi can enroll provided  they got a minimum final BA mark 85/110.  The Coordinators  will evaluate the requisites and if it is necessary fix an appointment before the formal enrolment in order to give suggestions about the gaps to be plugged, if any.
  • Italian and Eu students with a foreign BA have to be evaluated before the enrolment. They must ask the Diploma Supplement of their BA (if they graduated in an European university) or the Diclaration of Value of their BA and High School certificates (in case the European University can’t issue a Diplome Supplement or if they graduated in an extra-EU university).
  • Extra Eu students with a foreign BA can apply according to the rules and administrative dead-lines of the Students Registrar Office. A committee will evaluate their requisites. Extra Eu students need an official admission letter before applying for a VISA for study reasons. International students can be accepted according to the maximum number established by the Dept. of Economics.

For information

Foreign Students’ Office 
Gabriella Franchi e-mail:  

Didactic Office

Students’ Registrar Office




Graduation exams


The final dissertation of the Master Degree in Global Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management has to be written and discussed in English with an abstract in Italian. It consists in the presentation and defense of a written work under the guide and help of a supervisor chosen by the student.

The dissertation is presented in front of a Faculty Committee composed by at least five lecturers  of the Department of Economics. Among them there is the supervisor and an assistant supervisor chosen by the Director of the Department of Economics.

Students can choose their supervisor among the lecturers of the Department, it is recommended to ask to a lecturer whose course is in the study-plan of the single student. The subject must be selected together by the student and the lecturer.

Administrative procedure:

The procedure to apply for the final graduation at the University of Insubria is on line.

The application has to be done within 45 days before the day of the defense. Students conclude and  upload the final degree thesis online and in electronic format (the only accepted format is PDF/A-2b) 20 days before the day of the defense.

The thesis will be approved by the supervisor by the fifteenth day before the beginning of the graduation session to which the student is regularly enrolled. Failure to approve will result in non-admission to the graduation session.

Students can start from the Homepage, click on “Servizi Web – Segreterie Studenti” and log with the login used to enroll to exams.

The Master Thesis has to be sent to by email to:

-the supervisor

-the second supervisor

A paper copy of the Master Thesis must be handed in to the Committee on the day of the Defense.

Admission to the defense

The Supervisor will admit the candidate to the Defense only if he/she:

- has analyzed  the topic of the dissertation in an adequate way

-has underlined the links between the main topic and the related economic theories

-has taken into consideration the economic background of the main topic and shown a deep knowledge of the literature about the topic

-has followed the rules while drawing up the Master Thesis

After having written the thesis, the dissertation can be defended in the following months: February, March, June, July, September and November.

The Degree Board decides the final mark according to the opinions of the supervisor and of the assistant supervisor. The final mark ranges from 66/110 to 110/110 and it is calculated by summing:

•grade point average

•0.33 for each “cum laude”

•global judgment about the dissertation and the personal defense of the student

• for the students first enrolled from the a.y. 2015-2016 a bonus of two points is additionally assigned provided they conclude their university career in two years

The evaluation of the dissertation will be done according to the following criteria:

•Negative marks: the dissertation shows many lacks and the Committee agrees that it can’t be improved.

•From 0 to 2 marks: the dissertation is a mere exposition of other texts and has limits and gaps.

•From 3 to 4 marks: the dissertation meets the minimum standards, it shows a limited knowledge of the matter and it tightly concerns the subject.

•5 marks: the content is exposed in a clear and orderly way. The essential bibliography has been consulted and it is inclusive; models and practical investigations are correctly exposed; the construction is coherent

•From 6 to 7 marks: the candidate has deepened not only the main subject but also the related themes. The dissertation reflects the ability of the student to make comparisons and thematic connections, as well as to treat critical and problematic aspects.

•From 8 to 10 marks: the dissertation shows a strong autonomy of judgment, notable critical abilities, a deep analysis of specific aspects, extensive bibliographical knowledge and investigations on the matter. During the defense the candidate shows a deep interest and a strong competence.

The request of a mark over 7 points (with eventually the distinction “cum laude”) has to be communicated by the supervisor to the Director of the Department and to the assistant supervisor at least 15 days before the discussion date of the thesis in a written format and by indicating the most significant parts of the dissertation. It is necessary to name a second assistant supervisor if the starting average point is 102/110.

If the dissertation shows particularly remarkable and original contents, the Committee, with an unanimous deliberation, shall give out the final mark “cum laude”. At the same time the Committee can also deliberate an encomium and award the right to publish the dissertation in scientific journals or similar publications.

Insubria and Jena Double degree students can decide whether to write their dissertation in Jena or in Varese but they have to defend it in Varese in front of a Graduation Committee (a video conference presentation may be organized). The defense is mandatory according to the Italian rules in order to obtain an official Master Degree Diploma. The Graduation Committee in Varese will take into consideration the evaluation of the foreign supervisor of the partner University and will award a mark to both the dissertation and to the defense of the candidate.

Insubria Double degree students must write their dissertation in Hohenheim but they have to defend it in Varese in front of a Graduation Committee.

Hohenheim Double degree students must write and defend their dissertation in Varese in front of a Graduation Committee. Once at home they will hand it to their University.

DD students are invited to communicate in advance (50 days) the date of their discussion to Gabriella Franchi ( in order to fill in all the necessary documents.

The next Defenses will take place on the following days:

  • July 18th  2022 On-line application from May 3rd  2022 to June 3rd 2022. Exams must be concluded by June 23rd  2022.The Master Thesis must be uploaded  by June 28th 2022.
  • October 10th 2022   – On-line application from July 12th  to August 26th .  Exams must be concluded by September 15th  2022.The Master Thesis must be uploaded  by September 20th 2022. 
  • December 12th, 2022   – On-line application from September 13th  to October 28th 2022. Exams must be concluded by November17th 2022.The Master Thesis must be uploaded by November 22nd 2022. 

  • February 20th 2023 On-line application from November 22nd 2022 to January 6th 2023. Exams must be concluded by January 26th 2023. The Master Thesis must be uploaded by February 1st    2023. 
  • March 20th  2023  – On-line application from  December 20th 2022 to February 3rd  2023. Exams must be concluded by February 23rd 2023. The Master Thesis must be uploaded by March 1st  2023.
  • July 17th  2023 On-line application from April 18th  2023 to June 5th 2023. Exams must be concluded by June 22nd 2023.The Master Thesis must be uploaded  by June 28th 2023.

Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years


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