Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years
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Academic Year 2020/2021
Second cycle degree in CHEMISTRY

LM-54 - Chemistry
Place of teaching: Como - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria

Admission requirements

The admission to the Master Program in Chemistry is subject to the assessment of curricular requirements and adequacy of personal preparation. The following curricular requirements are mandatory to be admitted:

  1. a degree belonging to the class of degrees in Chemical Sciences and Technologies (L-27, DM 270/04) or the corresponding class 21 (DM 509/99);
  2. a degree from another class obtained at a national University, or a qualification obtained abroad, provided that they are recognized as suitable by the Degree Course Council.

Qualifications at point 2 are evaluated by a four-professor Commission, covering the four fundamental areas of Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry), which evaluates the topics of the previous career exams, with particular emphasis on the basic and characterizing Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors for the L-27 class. In particular, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • at least 12 CFUs in physics and mathematics;
  • at least 80 CFUs in the basic and characterizing Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors for the L-27 class.

After confirming the curricular requirements, the Commission assesses the personal preparation through an interview on topics related to the basic and characterizing disciplines of a Degree Course of class L-27. The Commission also verifies the correct use of the technical lexicon typical of chemical sciences, and if the English language knowledge is adequate to understand a scientific English text.

Applicants are enrolled in the Master Program if their preparation is considered adequate. If this is not the case, the Commission indicates the Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors (SSDs) in which they show inadequate knowledge and understanding and quantifies the amount of CFUs needed for each of these SSDs. Students have to acquire these CFUs before admission to the Program may be granted, e.g. by enrolling in single courses of the Bachelor Program in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.

For information

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Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years