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Icona Scienze biologiche e Scienze Biomediche
Academic Year 2018/2019
Second cycle degree in BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES

LM-6 - Biology
Place of teaching: Busto Arsizio - Molini Marzoli
Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years

Admission requirements

Candidates must have:

  • a First-cycle Degree (Laurea triennale) in Biology (class L13) or Biotechnology (class L2), from any University in Italy, provided the study plan is consistent with a biomolecular, physiopathological or biomedical curriculum;


  • a First-cycle Degree (Laurea triennale) in the same class or in the corresponding class according to Italian law DM 509/99, or in a similar class, or a BSc obtained abroad recognized as equivalent, provided that at least 40 ECTS have been acquired in cellular, molecular, physiological and biomedical disciplines.

Access to the course is not limited to a pre-specified number of students, but candidates must pass a preliminary evaluation of their background preparation.

Before the start of the regular courses, all admitted candidates shall attend a course in Scientific English, as a mandatory pre-requisite to enrolment in the MSc program.

NON-EU Students:

Candidates shall submit their pre-applications by May 31th, 2018 to foreign.students.bms@uninsubria.it attaching a Transcript of Records of their Bachelor studies, a certification of fluency in English and a motivation letter. Applicants who are deemed admissible based on their previous academic career will be notified and invited for a Skype interview, to assess their background preparation in the fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology and Pharmacology. Interviews will take place during the first two weeks in June 2018. In case of positive outcome of the interview, they will receive an official acceptance letter, that they will exhibit to support their request for a Student Visa from the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their Countries of residence.

Access to the Double Degree Program: seven positions will be available for the A.Y. 2018/19. Candidates shall submit a specific application and their preliminary interview will be held in English. Qualified candidates will be admitted conditionally to the program, but the actual selection for the seven position will be made at the end of the Winter Exam Session (between the I and II semesters), based on the number of ETCS acquired and average grades. Finally, the partner University reserves the right to admit to attend the II year courses only those students who have passed all the I semester exams by the deadline of May 15th, 2019.

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Coordinator - President
Credits: 120
Duration: 2 Years