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Stefano Giovannardi is a Research Fellow in Physiology (RTI) in the Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences at the University of Insubria. He has a BS degree in Biological Sciences and a PhD in Physiology. He is assistant Professor of Comparative Physiology (BSc) and Environmental Physiology (MS), lecturer in the laboratory course related to the Human Physiology course and in the Cellular Techniques in Biomedical Research course. He is Erasmus coordinator for the undergraduate course in Biological Sciences. He is the author of 33 scientific publications in international journals. In his scientific career, he has worked mainly on cell physiology: modulation of ion channels, signal transduction, structure-function relationship of neurotransmitter transporters, and lately pathophysiology of the immune system of invertebrates.

Stefano Giovannardi is a musician, composer and artistic producer. He studied classical piano and is self-taught in electric bass and guitar; he also has experience in programming and using electronic instruments such as synthesizers, electronic drums, sequencers and music production software.
He is a lecturer in the laboratory course Introduction to Sound in the Multimedia World at the University of Insubria's Bachelor  in Communication Sciences program. He collaborates with various artists and is the author of 9 albums of original music, published on record media and online. As a sound engineer, he is also involved in all stages of music production in the studio: recording, editing, mixing and mastering, as well as in the realization of concert performances. Recently he has also been involved in the production of music video clips related to his artistic activity.