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Ricercatore Legge 240/10 - tempo determinato


Bachelor of Science in Biology (2006 – 2009) University of Milan (Italy) - Thesis: Reproductive investment in relation to sex of the offspring in the yellow-legged gull - Supervisor: Prof. Nicola Saino

- Master of Science in Biodiversity and Biological Evolution (2009 – 2011) University of Milan (Italy) - Grade: 110/110 – Thesis: Experimental observations on Sphyrna lewini (Carcharhiniformes; Sphyrnidae): Comparison between the aggregative models in Sudan (Red Sea) and in Malpelo Island (Pacific Ocean) - Supervisor: Dr. Francesco Bonasoro

- Master of Science in Marine Biology (2013 – 2015) Nova Southeastern University (Florida, USA) – Grade Point Average (GPA): 3.79/4 - Thesis: Ecology, status and conservation of the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, in the Mediterranean Sea - Supervisor: Dr Derek Burkholder; Dr Jeremy Kiszka; Dr Sam Purkis

- PhD in Chemical and Environmental Sciences, cum laude (2016 – 2020) University of Insubria (Italy) – Project: Ecological factors affecting the whale shark occurrence in Djibouti and presence of contaminants in the trophic web - Supervisor: Prof. Roberta Bettinetti

- Postdoctoral Position (2020 – 2021) University of Insubria (Italy) – Project: Ecology and ecotoxicology characterization of the marine ecosystem of the Caprera Canyon (Sardinia)

- Since January 2022, Researcher Position RTD-A (BIO 07) at University of Insubria (Italy)