Free mover students

This section shows you the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What are the deadlines?

1st semester/AY: 15/5
2nd semester: 15/10

1st semester/AY: 15/6
2nd semester: 15/11

Academic Calendar

Welcome day: late October
Beginning of term: mid-September/October
End of term: January
Exam period: February
Christmas break: 24th December - 6th January

Welcome day: mid-March
Beginning of term: March End of term: June
Exam period: June/July
Easter break: 14th April - 19th April


How to apply

Get (and send us) the authorization from the home Institution
Send and email request, attach a Learning Agreement (see courses catalogue) specifying the period and a motivation letter
Get the confirmation from the local coordinator
Get the Acceptance letter from the IRO

Language knowledge

Italian/English B2

Do I get credits?

Didactically speaking, free movers gain the same status as local students and get credits for the activities successfully passed.

Free-movers prepare a LA listing all the activities that they intends to do abroad, they can pick any of the subjects in our degree courses.
Such document must be: signed by the student, approved and signed by the home coordinator (who will also verify the pertinence of its contents), approved and signed by the host coordinator. Please double-check the recognition of these activities/credits in your home institution directly with the home coordinator.

In the Italian Higher Education system, students are graded on a scale from 1 to 30 points. 18 is the lowest passing grade, 30 is the highest grade; a cum laude can be added as a special distinction. I VARESE02 uses the ECTS system: 1 CFU/ECTS credit corresponds to a 20/25-hour overall workload (i.e. lectures, practice, seminars, private work and research in libraries, assessments and examinations).


Students can apply for a room inside a university residence, click this item in the application form and participate in a specific call. Availabilities are limited. To get further information please contact

What to do upon arrival

Send an email to asking for: matriculation, credentials (exams, @, wi-fi, …), signature/stamp on home certificates (arrival date, …), general information.

Tax Code

In Italy a Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is necessary to enter a rent agreement, open a bank account, and so on…
To obtain one, please refer to: Agenzia delle Entrate (VARESE – via Frattini, 1 -- COMO – viale Cavallotti, 6).

Residency/Stay permit

Within 8 working days from their arrival, non-EU citizens coming from non-EU countries who plan to stay in Italy longer than 3 months, must apply for a Residence/Stay permit in any Italian post office. Foreign students are usually requested to bring and show the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter issued by University of Insubria
  • complete copy of the passport
  • health insurance valid in Italy

Students can turn to:

  • Patronato CGIL
    VARESE (via N. Bixio, 37) – COMO (via Italia libera, 23)
  • Patronato ACLI
    VARESE (via S. della Chiesa, 9) – COMO (via G. Brambilla, 35)


Non-EU citizens students coming from non-EU countries need to apply for a VISA (for study reasons). It’s up to students to start the VISA application procedures for study reasons on time, thus meeting with the deadlines.

VISA must be requested:

  • to the Italian Consulate and/or Embassy of the home Country BEFORE the departure
  • for study reason and NOT for tourism reason (the tourist VISA is easier to obtain but has a limited time validity - usually 90 days - and upon expiration cannot be converted into a study VISA i.e. the student is obliged to return to his home Country)

After entering Italy foreign students are requested to apply for a stay permit within 8 days. To do so, fill in the “Stay permit kit” available at post offices and attach the following documents to your application:

  • Acceptance Letter issued by University of Insubria
  • complete copy of the passport
  • health insurance valid in Italy

In order to get assistance for the stay permit application, students can turn to:

  • Patronato CGIL
    VARESE (via N. Bixio, 37) – COMO (via Italia libera, 23)
  • Patronato ACLI
    VARESE (via S. della Chiesa, 9) – COMO (via G. Brambilla, 35)

Buddy system

Local Tutors/Buddies, chosen among our students, might help foreign students with practical issues. Contact the ESN section and buddy system:

Enrollment in EXAMS

Students who want to sit an exam shall register 25 to 5 days before via the online procedure, using their credentials.

Italian grades go from a miminum of 18/30 (lowest passing grade) to a maximum of 30/30 (highest passing grade; a cum laude (30L/30) shows a special distintion.


The E-Learning platform is a 24/7 technological tool:

  • that supports on-line teaching (didactic material, forums, tests)
  • that allows closer teacher/student interactions

where students can also download documents for later offline consultation.

Free-movers enter the platform using their credentials (user id + password) that will show the courses they are enrolled in, directly in their booklet, as it is linked to their profile.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to send the final/updated LA fully signed to so that the IRO office can list/update the subjects in your online booklet. Unless the online booklet is fully updated you will not be able to access the E-Learning classes/exams you need to take.

Medical assistance

EU citizens and extra-EU citizens legally residing in a European country have full coverage of health costs as provided by their national health system, they are in fact followed by the national health service coverage of the home Country (we strongly suggest to double-check this information directly with the home institutions).

Extra-EU citizens who need to obtain a residence/stay permit shall demonstrate to possess a health insurance: they can either register with our public health service or choose a private insurance -valid in Italy- (for periods of less than one calendar year the former usually tends to be pricey while the latter turns out to be more convenient).

In case you are ill and you need medical care: please refer to the doctor on call (guardia medica) or to the ER.

BEFORE leaving

Before leaving, free-movers who need:

  • to update their booklet with activities other than exams (e.g. traineeship forms signed by the hospital Directors, ...) shall contact the IRO and submit the papers that need to be registered
  • a Departure statement form (official end date) to be signed and stamped by University of Insubria must send an email to attach their home University’s form (when available) and specify the email address they need the form to be sent to

Transcript of Records: when the online booklet is fully updated with the results of the exams, free-movers send an email to and ask for their ToR to be issued. The Transcript of Records (ToR) provided by the International Relations Office will be issued -in English- within 45 days from departure and sent, via e-mail, both to the student and to the home institution. In order to simplify the credit transfer at the home institution, the ToR will show the ECTS scale for each Italian grade awarded.

The Italian Academic System


  • 1st Cycle - Undergraduate Studies Laurea Triennale (Bachelor's Degree) - 180 credits, 3 years 
  • 2nd Cycle - Graduate Studies Laurea Magistrale (Master’s Degree) – 120 credits, 2 years
    2nd Cycle – Master Universitario di 1° livello (First-level Professional Master's Degree) - 60 credits, 1 year
  • 3rd Cycle - Postgraduate Studies Dottorato di Ricerca(PhD/ Research Doctorate) – 3 years
    3rd Cycle - Master Universitario di 2° livello (Second-level Master's Degree) – 60 credits, 1 year


112 European Emergency number
113 Police
115 Fire Department
118 First Aid/Emergency Room Ambulance
522 Women’s Safety