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The University of Insubria CV
The University of Insubria CV The University of Insubria CV Ugo Moschella
The University of Insubria CV

Contact data

Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Mathematics
Via Valleggio 11 - 22100 Como - Italy
Tel: +39 (0)31 2386212
Fax: +39 (0)31 2386119



Ugo Moschella graduated in Physics at Bologna University in 1985 and obtained a Ph. D. at the International School for Advanced Studies (ISAS) in Trieste in 1991. Subsequently, he carried out post-doctoral research at the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium), the University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot, the Theoretical Physics Division of the Atomic Energy Agency (CEA) - Saclay, (France), and the Institut of High Scientific Studies (IHES) - Bures-sur-Yvette, (France).

Since 1996 he has been a Researcher in theoretical physics at the Department of Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Insubria at Como.

Since 2001 he is an Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at the same University. Since 1997, he has been the scientific secretary of the International Doctoral School in Relativity and Gravitation which is held yearly at Villa Olmo in Como.

Since 2000, he is a member of the scientific board of the Italian Society of Gravitation.

He is a referee for Physical Review and Physical Review Letters, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Journal of Physics, Journal of Mathematical Physics.


Research interests

Ugo Moschella's main research interests are in Quantum Field Theory. His contributions are concerned with the infrared problem in gauge theory, quantum field theory on curved spacetimes with special attention to de Sitter and anti-de Sitter field theories, and the role of diffeomorphism groups in quantum physics.

Teaching experience and appointments

Courses taught:

Classical Mechanics
Mathematical Methods for Physics
General Relativity

Representative  publications

M.Bertola, J.Bros, V.Gorini, U.Moschella and R. Schaeffer,``Decomposing quantum fields on branes,'' Nucl. Phys. B581 (2000) 575 [hep-th/0003098].

A.Kamenshchik, U.Moschella and V.Pasquier, ``Chaplygin-like gas and branes in black hole bulks,'' Phys. Lett. B487 (2000) 7 [gr-qc/0005011].

M. Bertola, J. Bros, U. Moschella and R. Schaeffer,``A general construction of conformal field theories from scalar anti-de Sitter quantum field theories,'' Nucl. Phys. B587 (2000) 619 [hep-th/9908140].

G. A. Goldin and U. Moschella, ``Generalized Configuration Spaces for Quantum Systems'' In: "Stochastic Processes, Physics and Geometry: New Interplays. A volume in honor of Sergio Albeverio". CMS Conference Series. Vol. 29, p. 243 (2000).

A.Y. Kamenshchik, U. Moschella and V. Pasquier, ``An alternative to quintessence,'' Phys.Lett. B 511 (2001) 265 [arXiv:gr-qc/0103004].
P.Bartesaghi, J.P.Gazeau, U. Moschella and M. V. Takook ``Dirac Fields And Thermal Effects In The De Sitter Universe,'' Class.Quant. Grav. 18 (2001) 4373.

J. Bros, H. Epstein and U. Moschella, ``The asymptotic symmetry of de Sitter spacetime,'' Phys. Rev. D 65 (2002) 084012 [arXiv:hep-th/0107091].

J. Bros, H. Epstein and U. Moschella,``Towards a general theory of quantized fields on the anti-de Sitter space-time,'' Commun. Math. Phys. 231, 481 (2002) [arXiv:hep-th/0111255]]

V. Gorini, A. Kamenshchik and U. Moschella, ``Can the Chaplygin gas be a plausible model for dark energy?,'' Phys. Rev. D 67, 063509 (2003) [arXiv:astro-ph/0209395].

J. Bros and U. Moschella, "Fourier analysis and holomorphic decomposition on the one- sheeted hyperboloid,"arXiv:math-ph/0311052. In F. Norguet, S. Ofman (Eds.), "Geometrie complexe II," pp 100-145. Paris: Hermann (2004).

V. Gorini, A. Y. Kamenshchik, U. Moschella and V. Pasquier, "Tachyons, scalar fields and cosmology," Phys. Rev. D 69 (2004) 123512.

V. Gorini, U. Moschella, A. Kamenshchik and V. Pasquier ``The Chaplygin gas, a model for dark energy in cosmology,'' AIP Conf. Proc.\ 751, 108 (2005).

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V. Gorini, A. Yu Kamenshchik,U. Moschella, V. Pasquier, A. Starobinsky, "On the stability of some perfect fluid cosmological models", arXiv:astro-ph/0504576, Physical Review D (in press) (2005).

M. Bertola, F. Corbetta, U. Moschella, "Massless scalar field in two--dimensional de Sitter universe",preprint (2005).
P. Fré, V. Gorini, G. Magli and U. Moschella (eds), ``Classical and Quantum Black Holes,''Institute of Physics Publishing Co., Bristol, U.K. (1999).

I. Ciufolini, V. Gorini, U. Moschella and P. Fré (eds), ``Gravitational Waves,''Institute of Physics Publishing Co., Bristol, U.K. (2001).

S. Bonometto, V. Gorini and U. Moschella (eds), ``Modern Cosmology,'' Institute of Physics Publishing Co., Bristol, U.K. (2002).
U. Bruzzo, V. Gorini and U. Moschella (eds), ``Geometry and Physics of Branes. Institute of Physics Publishing Co., Bristol, U.K. (2003).


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